Photographer | Musician

Andrew McLaughlin is a Melbourne-based photographer, musician and educator. Andrew began his undergraduate study at RMIT in 1996 (Media Arts) and completed his Postgraduate degree in 2001. Since then he has pursued a practice centred around both photography & sound. He has exhibited locally and overseas, won an award or two, released albums and undertaken multiple national tours. Andrew has also co-partnered an independent record label, self-published artist books and created sound designs for gallery installations. Andrew has worked in many educational institutions in and around Melbourne and is currently on staff at the Victorian College of the Arts / University of Melbourne.

The photographic works on this site are available for purchase [Editions of 10]. Prints are either Digital Pigment or Type C with variable dimensions. Music is available via Bandcamp:

Andrew McLaughlin (solo sounds)
Out of Auto (coming soon)
The Black Hundred [band]
Radiant City [band]
Champion Motorist [a solo music project]